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It is hard and easy in the sametime  if we want to present  for the rise of this new world24me, which we want  to tell the new off the day in the same editorial line, and the  same values ​​that we defend every day for many years, the citizen's right to know what is going on around him Without the rights of the citizen in a professional media service that respects the ethics of journalistic work as is universally recognized. People do not sell the illusion, and do not collect a price from one in exchange for a transfer. Media to advertising, press to called This is the easy part of the answer to the question above. The hard part is to provide the added value of the world24me site in the middle of a forest of national and international sites. This is what we will discover every minute of the day

This new baby comes out of the womb of world24me and hopes that it will contribute to enriching the e-journalistic scene and its wisdom. The chaos in this important and vital sector in all the world at 24 hours every day and every moment

Every day, information technology breaks down the walls of fear, domination and guardianship over the people, and strikes the monopoly of speech on behalf of these peoples by the oligarchs, and every day opens the net and its social networks. And its luster and connection to the living communities, a new storm appeared to be immune to the winds of change before this time

Our life today is divided into a real life fenced with a lot of legal, cultural, customary and authoritarian wires that we live without being contributors to or involved in its management. On the other hand, there is a hypothetical life on the net: a democratic world that speaks one language and swims in a single river and expresses its ideas without restriction or The condition of a world made easy access to information democratically and equally, the worlds are not cut apart, but bridges appear and disappear

world24me A 24-hour, live news site that follows events with a professional press crew that you know will work on the paper version and will now be at your service on the electronic version of the word, voice, image and video.

It is a new experience that we are trying to develop and we hope to connect with new generations who have opened their eyes on the Internet without having to look at the paper. We have acquired special customs and traditions in reading. We have to develop ourselves to catch up with these new needs in a world where development  
  Site Manager :Tony Jad

Editor-in-Chief:Tony Jad