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 How To Keep Your PC Safe From Viruses

How To Keep Your PC Safe From Viruses
How To Keep Your PC Safe From Viruses

Computers are used for work, school, entertainment, and socializing. Being on the computer can be fun. But, there are many risks you need to be aware of to protect yourself. Viruses are a major threat on computers. You can get them from email attachments, downloading files from the internet, or clicking on links in your social media feed. These viruses can cause everything from data loss to identity theft to physical harm!

Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are scams you can get through social media posts or texts. You can even get them through Facebook comments! Phishing emails get you to click on a link in an email and take you to a website that looks like a legitimate one. But, it is not. The website is designed to look like it’s affiliated with a bank, real company, or a news website. Once you click on a link, the malicious software is downloaded. Once you install the software, it is designed to steal your personal information, emails, and passwords. You are then redirected to the criminals’ site to send you all the personal data you’ve gotten from that site. For example, you might get a message saying that your bank account has been compromised.

Viruses On Your Computer

There are a number of different viruses and other malicious software that can infect your computer and make your computer unstable or even unusable. These viruses are similar to computer worms, which are also called Trojan horses. Some viruses are designed to lock down your computer and make it unusable. Others can be used to steal your identity. The best way to avoid viruses is to install the latest security software and apps that you can. Some antivirus software includes virus protection, antispam software, computer configuration features, and data back-up and restore capabilities. Antivirus software will also prevent the spread of viruses and other malicious software.

Looking For Ways To Protect Yourself?

Here are 5 tips to keep your computer safe from viruses! Windows 10 Updates Software updates are designed to ensure your computer works with the latest software and features, patches for issues that may be caused by new software being installed, and other bug fixes and security enhancements. Update your PC every time your PC is updated so your computer can continue to work properly. Download Microsoft updates online here or from Windows Update. Install Microsoft Security Essentials on your PC. This free program detects and protects you against common threats. To download, click here. Windows 7 PCs If you are still using Windows 7 you can use the Microsoft Windows Defender. This free program provides protection against malware.

Keeping Your Privacy Intact

Many computer viruses work by intercepting a file and replicating it within your hard drive. If you run into this problem, you should consider data recovery or reformatting your hard drive. However, this will not work with all viruses, especially some that spread by infecting USB drives and printer drivers. There are several things you can do to protect yourself from viruses. Software Upgrades The biggest prevention of virus infection is having updated software. Many viruses can reproduce themselves in the most obscure ways, such as by altering driver programs on your computer. If your software is outdated or does not have the latest security updates, you can become infected. The most common viruses are Microsoft Office virus, java, and Adobe.

Online Purchases And Shopping

You may think that your purchases or shopping for online can protect you from viruses, but it’s not true. If you click on the wrong link, your computer could be infected. Even with the best protections in place, your computer could still be hijacked or deleted. Shopping Online Does Not Protect You From Viruses When you shop online, do not trust that you are safe. All browsers are susceptible to viruses. Using secure protocols is important, but they aren’t foolproof. But what if you can’t trust the computer you are using? Downloading Files And Software It’s not just sharing or opening files you come across on the internet that you need to watch out for, but downloading files too.


Viruses can damage your computer and make it slow down and slow down. If your computer does not function properly, you cannot use it effectively. You need to be vigilant, which is the reason you should learn the dos and don'ts of viruses. Don't let your computer get infected!

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